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  • Strategic MSP Partner with staffing processes and procedures built uniquely to support MSP programs and VMS systems.

    StaffingHQ MSP/VMS

    StaffingHQ has created a Strategic Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partnership Program with industry leading processes and procedures built uniquely to support MSP programs that allow real-time support of high volume/low markup positions with high quality candidates in accelerated timelines.

    StaffingHQ’s NEW MSP Practice Leader brings 6+ years of Global MSP Operations experience within the Technology and Financial industries in conjunction with 12+ years of agency/corporate staffing experience. Experience in both industries provides a unique perspective that allows us to exceed the needs of a MSP and allows us to build a client specific delivery process and operate as an extension of the MSP.

    The combination of our MSP staffing methodologies, fulfillment activities, client culture survey and unique contractor engagement process, along with a strong focus on service excellence positions us to be a partner you can always count on.

    How do we do it? Most staffing agencies today all have access to all the same data. We feel it’s how we use that data to build robust pipelines and build long standing relationship with our consultants to find the best candidates for our clients that make us special. With StaffingHQ, you get a proactive MSP partner, with actual people with a wealth of knowledge…not just a logo.

    StaffingHQ MSP Program Partner Methodology

    • 01
      Recruiting Strategies - Cold Calling/Passive Sourcing is our primary sourcing strategy. We also look for candidates in unusual places like User Groups, Meetups and other Social Networking events. All StaffingHQ candidates are double screened and personally interviewed by our staff to ensure a fit in technical skill, corporate culture, and industry experience before being submitted into VMS.
    • 02
      Contractor Experience - StaffingHQ was created with a strategic goal in mind, to provide consultants with a company that puts their needs first. This is illustrated through such programs as the Consultant Loyalty and Referral programs, in addition to an assigned Consultant Engagement Specialist to ensure their on-boarding and client experience is exemplary.
    • 03
      Understanding Client Culture - We understand every customer is unique and needs people who not only match required skillsets but are cultural fits with their organization. We take the time to complete a 25 question survey in partnership with the MSP to better understand/explain the client’s culture.
    • 04
      Market Research and Analysis - We continuously research and analyze the latest trends, best practices and alternate workflows within contract labor.